›› Living the Life: Qualities that Make a Good Mobile Home

Manufactured homes are popular for a number of good reasons. Affordable and energy-efficient, they are a great choice for young families, retirees, and those looking for quality living. More people these days see these benefits; now mobile home communities have flourished all around the country.

Nationwide statistics will tell us just how much the industry has grown over the past few years. Along with this positive growth, standards have clearly improved as well. Now, there is not much difference between mobile homes in Oregon and costlier stick-built houses in terms of quality and value. You get perhaps the same level of quality and efficiency, yet pay significantly less with manufactured houses.

If you are shopping for a house, do not settle for a substandard building. It is easy to find affordable, high-quality mobile homes in Oregon and nearby places. Take our advice and look for these key manufactured home qualities that make home-living more comfortable:

Quality Interior and Exterior Design

A house’s design speaks about the owner’s personality, which explains why most people pick a home that suits their preferences. Don’t limit your choices to pricey properties. Many mobile homes have luxurious finishes and top interior facilities that rival most stick-built houses. As they are made with the residents’ comfort in mind, you can be sure that they are up to the latest industry standards.

Minimal Impact to Environment

Mobile homes, especially in places like Oregon, are known for being energy-efficient. One reason is because the materials used in building them are sustainable and environment-friendly. The process of building them is not wasteful so they have minimal impact to the surroundings, compared to stick-built residences.

You can still save more on energy expenses, though. See if the manufactured home has an underside where you can install additional insulation. This improves efficient energy consumption and lets you use HVAC systems less. A quality mobile home also makes use of a roof cap for better insulation.

Strong Security Measures

There are many mobile home communities in the country. Not all, however, offer the facilities you need. One hallmark of a good manufactured home community is a strong security presence. While such communities are generally peaceful and calm, it is best to have security personnel that can further ensure your safety. In case the community does not have security, see if you can install security systems within your property.


You know a mobile home community is good if it is easily accessible. Manufactured home parks are usually near main roads, highways, and urban establishments. If you find it hard to visit a particular park because the routes are confusing and it is too isolated, better start looking somewhere else.

A mobile home that can provide anything the residents might need makes for a good place to live. Go for a properly manufactured home in Oregon to make the most of your investment.  Browse our website to learn more about offered properties and see which suits you best. We will be glad to address any your inquiries.

Proper Documents

If you are buying a pre-used manufactured home in Oregon, which is usually a better option, ask for relevant property titles and documents. It will be easier for you to move into your new residence when you have the proper documents. You can consult our agents to know more about this matter.