›› Manufactured Homes: Convenient Solutions for Retirees

One of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime is your house. Living in a comfortable and safe home is important, especially for senior citizens. Many citizens over 55 years old move into retirement communities, where homes are specifically built to serve the needs of the elderly. Today, senior citizens don’t have to settle for living in costly retirement homes. They can purchase manufactured homes in Oregon and live in a neighborhood that suits their lifestyle more.

Here are some benefits of living in mobile homes in Oregon:


Manufactured homes in Oregon are affordable housing alternatives to common types of properties, including stick-built homes, apartments, and condominiums. According to the National Manufactured Home Owners Association, this type of housing offers affordable homeownership opportunities for young families and senior citizens. In fact, there are over 17 million individuals living in mobile homes.

Quality Homes

As manufacturers build mobile homes in factories, you can be confident that they meet industry standards before companies sell them on the market. Furthermore, manufacturers make sure that their mobile houses meet the national building code. Mobile homes in Oregon are as strong as –if not stronger than—stick built homes, as most of them come with integral steel frames.

For senior citizens, getting more value for their money is important, as many of them depend on their savings, retirement benefits, and insurance policies. Buying a manufactured home in Oregon allows them to live in a high quality home minus the heavy price tag that often comes with stick-built houses.

Peaceful Neighborhood

Living in a mobile home offers peace and privacy for retirees at a significantly lower price than buying stick-built homes or living in a retirement community. As most manufactured homeowners are often middle class families and the elderly, senior citizens won’t have to worry about dealing with noisy neighbors all day. If the neighbors are not at work or in school, they’re probably at home, keeping quietly to themselves, watching afternoon TV or enjoying a cup of tea.

Close-knit Community

As mobile home parks are small communities, residents are often close to each other – like a family. Depending on the neighborhood you will live in, you may experience celebrating holidays with your neighbors. Even when you’re living alone, you won’t feel lonely, as there’s always someone you can talk to and spend time with in the park.

Low Maintenance Houses

One of the main reasons many senior citizens move to retirement communities is that they find it difficult to maintain their homes. Manufactured homes in Oregon are low-maintenance properties made of sturdy materials. When there are problems, all you have to do is a call the manufacturer and they’ll fix them for you. Make sure to ask your real estate agent about home warranties. Some mobile homes have warranties for ten years.

Looking for a place to retire is exciting and challenging. Make the right choice by weighing down your options. With manufactured homes, you can enjoy living peacefully in a caring community without worrying about maintenance costs and other unnecessary expenses.