›› Mobile Homes: Affordable Living for All Types of Homeowners

In the past years, we’ve seen a nationwide increase in demand for affordable houses. Many have become practical when buying properties. Buyers now prefer houses that give the best value for their money over those that offer costly amenities. With this shift in preferences, a trend in the housing industry is moving toward manufactured homes in Oregon and across the country. In South Carolina alone, approximately 20% of their homes are mobile. According to the United States Census, mobile homes make up about 6.4% of the country’s housing sector.

Living in a mobile home offers different benefits for all types of homeowners. Here are some advantages of living in a manufactured home according to the type of resident.

Couples and Families with Three or Four Members

Government statistics show that more than half of the heads of mobile home households are in full employment. The rest of the residents are retirees.

Buying a house that can fit a family of four can be costly. Rather than spending for a site-built home and risking foreclosure, many families are making the sound decision of buying a manufactured home. Whether you’re getting a new one or a secondhand property, you’ll enjoy great savings. Many spacious two- or three-bedroom homes can fit the entire family. You may even have enough room for a small home office.

Manufactured homes are no different from stick-built homes. You’ll enjoy similar amenities at a fraction of a price. There are also those that come with advanced features, including heating and cooling systems, and energy-efficient windows.

Working Class

In the decade, employees who are just starting out on their careers choose to rent apartment units. Many think this is an affordable alternative to buying a home. Today, the working class can get the best bang for their buck with a mobile house.

Why settle for a cramped apartment unit with noisy neighbors, when you can get your own home and rest peacefully at night? In addition, paying monthly for something you’ll own in the future is better than spending for a property you’ll never own.

Some buyers think of getting a manufactured home as a stepping-stone. There are those who buy mobile homes first and then buy a land after paying off the house. This is a cost-effective alternative to renting. In addition, this is more affordable than buying a stick-built home in a developed residential community.


Retirees love mobile homes – and for good reason. Apart from its price, most mobile home parks offer a quiet and relaxing environment for senior citizens. Most mobile homes are also durable and easy to maintain. It won’t be difficult for older homeowners to manage their homes. Some manufactured houses come with an owner’s manual.  When you need to repair an area of your home, you simply have to check the manual.

The mobile home industry has gone through many changes over the years. With rigid requirements from the government, you can be sure you’re getting a high quality home. Whether you’re starting a family, establishing your career, or retiring, moving into a mobile home is great for you.